Embassy Blue Institute is building one of the most ambitious marine life conservation projects of our time.  The need for this project has never been greater. 

dolphin conservation

Embassy Blue's "Marine Mammal Life Center" is:

  • A comprehensive marine mammal rescue center located strategically along the Florida Gulf coast in the heart of the Southeastern Stranding Network
  • World's largest and only long-term care facility for dolphins, whales, manatees and sea turtles (over 19 million gallon lagoon complex)
  • The first-ever marine mammal teaching hospital
  • The most sophisticated marine mammal laboratory and surgery center in the America's 
  • A state of the art animal-assisted therapy center for disabled children and veterans
  • Equipped to conduct long-range health assessments of whales and dolphins living in the Gulf
  • A marine sciences education campus…a marine mammal "city of knowledge"


Contact us to learn more or to request a Case Statement about this legacy project. One of our team members will gladly assist you.