embassy blue institute


Embassy Blue Institute (EBI) embodies an enormous base of experience within the disciplines of marine mammal rescue and rehabilitation and provides global support to governments and zoological institutions requesting assistance with cases of special interest.

Project Description

EBI RESCUE—A Global On-Site Rapid Response Unit

EBI will establish an operating team that collaborates with governments situated within stranding event “hot spots” around the world, offering On-Site Rapid Response support. EBI will provide professional expertise to facilitate existing animal care protocols with triage, hydration, critical and supportive care, feeding, remote to local transport and the myriad of other animal logistics priorities commonly addressed as part of a stranding event.

Specifically, EBI will design ready to go units called: MARINE ANIMAL RAPID RESPONSE CARGO CONTAINERS (MAR²C²).  They will be pre-positioned in global stranding hot spots for straightforward accessibility by EBI Task Force Teams and its partners, once in country.

Upon the successful return of the animals to a healthy state, EBI, with its unsurpassed knowledge and practical experience in behavioral sciences is also positioned to assist and design reintroduction programs for qualified animals that are candidates for return to their native environment.

Project Background

Throughout the world, there are regular occurrences of mass strandings, and they are increasing at an alarming rate. In the US, strandings of several different species of both whales and dolphins occur within the Northeast, Southeast and to a lesser extent Alaska and the West Coast regions.

The impact of these stranding events is compounded when the event occurs within a distinct and isolated population of a species (i.e. The Cook Inlet Beluga Whales, the Gulf of Maine Harbor Porpoise, or the Gulf of California Vaquita). Already facing severe challenges, these distinct groups cannot endure further losses if the species are to thrive. If left unassisted, the genetic integrity of these populations will suffer, resulting in further compromise of the species’ survival.  Governments and zoological institutions around the world are in need of expertise during such events.

Even in the United States, where response to stranding events is the best in the world, there are still too few facilities to respond to the numbers of animals that strand annually.

Project Funding

Equipment and MAR2C2 Unit Construction                $253,509
Administration and Communication Systems              $40,000
Total                                                                          $293,509