embassy blue institute


Each animal that is stranded, beached or injured can teach us volumes. Things we can learn about are:

  • the health of the animal’s environment
  • the biology and physiology of its species
  • how to improve our rescue techniques
  • how to treat the animal’s physical injuries
  • how to care for the animal long-term
  • how to successfully release the animal back to the wild

Instead of being overwhelmed by the increasing number of strandings and beachings of hundreds of marine mammals around the world, we choose to roll up our sleeves and get to work.  That is why Embassy Blue Institute has marine mammal rescue and rehabilitation at the top of its conservation agenda. 

Drawing upon decades of experience in this area, a passion to learn from every animal that needs our help and a desire to expand the network of animal rescue teams around the world, EBI will respond to animals in need.